Training of internal auditors in the CID Standard

Training of internal auditors in the CID Standard


The CID is the Certification standard of ID Logistics, a private standard, with which IDL’s top management pursues: the customers that the logistics services have the level of quality requested and the company’s head that the sites are led according to the defined rules.

To ensure a high level in the implementation of operational and regulatory practices daily, ID Logistics carried out this November 4 in Saint Petersburg Florida, the training of its third group of internal auditors in the CID standard, all of them general managers and directors, as they are the ones who must ensure compliance with each of the 27 mandatory commitments of the CID.

The French logistics giant IDL, part of the top 5 in Europe, opened operations in the United States 2 years ago and, like its other logistics operators in more than 19 countries, serves the e-commerce, retail, FMCG, healthcare, and other business sectors, with operational excellence sustained by compliance with its CID. TecniGerencia has been the organization chosen by IDL, for training and performance verification of its standard, through certification audits in its more than 25 sites across the USA. 

TecniGerencia trains its auditors for the cross audits in the sites, at this moment 24 auditors have been trained out of a total of 40 from different states of the nation. More training sessions will be held in January and February 2023.

«A good auditor is an excellent auditee, but is above all an excellent promoter of compliance», we are sure that this training will give GMs the auditor skills that by nature of their positions do not have, so we are happy to present a course that also takes place in the first certified site in the USA, which moves the participants the mentality of achievement and see the benefits of proper implementation,» -declares Lilliam Morales Mendieta CEO of TecniGerencia US.

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